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It happened around the five-minute mark of the fourth quarter. Popovich paced up and down the sidelines, clearly irate by the vast lead the defending champion Golden State Warriors had amassed on the San Antonio Spurs. What seemingly looked like a blatant travel by the visiting team was ignored by the ref, and Pop lost it. He shouted an explicative at the official and was promptly tossed from the game.

“See you’re trying to get me in trouble,” Popovich said when asked how he thought the game was officiated. “It’s my money not yours. So I’m just going to ignore your question.”

With a mischievous grin, he leaned forward, cupping his hand over his mouth and whispered:

“I didn’t like it.”

The outburst perfectly encapsulated the Spurs frustrations, dropping four out of their last five games after an undefeated start. The loss to the Warriors was excusable, especially since Popovich referred to them as “the best team in the world,” and falling to the Kyrie lead Boston Celtics makes sense considering their playoff predestination, but defeats to the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers — franchises apparently in rebuild mode — have fans anxiously checking their calendars and awaiting the return of injured superstar Kawhi Leonard.
With him, San Antonio still has the potential of a Western Conference Finals berth and maybe beyond; the Spurs were leading the Warriors by close to 20 on Friday, but like the foreshadowing of last year’s Game One, San Antonio slowly sacrificed the lead without Leonard. On the defensive side of the floor, the Spurs have choked up 107.8 points per game in their losses and 103.9 points overall — their highest point total since the 2010-11 season, when they fell in the first round to the Memphis Grizzlies.

“Whether you win a game or lose a game, its a game of mistakes.” Popovich said. “Both teams have missed turnovers and missed shots. There’s bad decisions: passes that should be made are made; shots that shouldn’t be shot are shot.”

San Antonio seemed to have gotten back on track in the second game of their back-to-back with a win against the Charlotte Hornets last night, despite missing three players. Through the last five games, LaMarcus Aldridge has continued his season resurgence, leading the team with an average 19.8 points and 8.2 rebounds during that span. The bench — always a bright spot in the Popovich era — managed a total of 63 points against the Hornets, a vast improvement from the 35.6 the unit averaged in defeats.

With the Charlotte win, coach Popovich equals Phil Jackson’s mark on the all-time wins list with 1,155 victories. An easy one against the Phoenix Suns Sunday will put the veteran San Antonio HC at No. 6 on the list.

“You win, you lose, you go home,” Popovich said. “If you win, you do it with grace. If you lose, you try to do it with grace.”

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Just when you thought Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison had the best Halloween costumes in the NBA this year thanks to their wonderful parody of Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle from White Men Can’t Jump, here comes Stephen Curry rolling into Oracle Arena as “Billy The Puppet” from the Saw franchise. The NBA can’t get enough of Halloween, and we’re all better off for it.

It’s been a wonderful week in the NBA for Halloween fun, if that’s your jam. Let’s not forget that Carmelo Anthony was The Night King from Game of Thrones earlier this month or Ricky Rubio’s fantastic Luigi costume from Saturday night. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins did things a little differently with their haunted house tour, and that was all kinds of fun.
What Curry did on Sunday before the Warriors’ game against the Pistons, though, is truly special. In full Billy The Puppet getup, complete with his iconic red tricycle, Curry rolled into Oracle Arena like it was no big deal.

Special shoutout to whoever was with Curry and had the Jigsaw music going in the background. This would have looked incredibly out of place without it. For those unfamiliar with what Curry is doing here, you can find a clip from the original Saw below. It’s a bit unsettling. You’ve been warned.

Basketball wasn’t the only game on Stephen Curry’s mind Sunday afternoon.

The Warriors star arrived at Oracle Arena on Sunday in full “Saw” regalia, dressing as Billy the Puppet from the popular horror film series. Curry rode the character’s signature red tricycle through the parking lot, as someone helpfully played the “Saw” theme song in the background.

The official Warriors account posted video of Curry rolling right through security, metal detector blaring, and meeting up with a laughing Draymond Green at the door.

“You’ve got too much time on your hands,” an amused Green said to Curry as he held the door open.

While it wasn’t technically Oct. 31 yet, Sunday’s game against the Pistons served as the Warriors’ last home game ahead of Halloween. The team will play the Clippers in Los Angeles on Monday.

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The Titans were demolished last weekend by the Houston Texans 57-14 and quarterback Marcus Mariota was lost to a hamstring injury, summing up a tough week 4 in Tennessee. With Matt Cassell taking the reigns at quarterback, the Titans will need to lean on Murray and their run game if they expect to have a shot against the Dolphins.

Fantasy Impact: Despite averaging 5 yards per carry, Murray has been terribly inconsistent at the start of 2017 making it a struggle to project his production. He looked good against the Raiders in Week 1 but the Titans struggled as a whole on offense. A hamstring injury hampered him in week 2 but he bounced back unexpectedly against the Seahawks with 115 yards and a touchdown in week 3. After a dud in week 4, what can we expect from him?

The Titans play the Dolphins this week who are coming off of back-to-back of losses to the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints. Matt Cassell having a week to actually prepare will give the Titans a shot in this game. They will get back to the ground and pound attack because the Dolphins are incapable of putting up points in a hurry. Murray, who put in a full week of practice, should get ample opportunities this week against a vulnerable Dolphins defense.

Adam Schefter is reporting that DeMarco Murray has donated $25,000 to the Las Vegas Police Department and $25,000 to the families of the victims in last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. Murray grew up in Vegas. He said this about the shooting:

“When I heard about the terror and devastation in my hometown of Las Vegas, I couldn’t believe it,” Murray said this weekend. “I was shocked, sickened and scared for the families and friends of the victims. I want to help and do whatever I can to take away their pain from such a horrific experiences.”
It is cool to see Murray step up and do this. We need more stories like this one and less of the other garbage out there that divides us.

Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray is donating $25,000 to the Las Vegas Police Department and another $25,000 to families of the victims in last week’s mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

Murray, who grew up in Las Vegas, says the community is still near and dear to him. He said the city will be on his mind Sunday when the Titans play in Miami.

“When I heard about the terror and devastation in my hometown of Las Vegas, I couldn’t believe it,” Murray said this weekend. “I was shocked, sickened and scared for the families and friends of the victims. I want to help and do whatever I can to take away their pain from such a horrific experience.

“Las Vegas is a special city not just to me, my family and friends, but this whole world. It’s a shame … for the city to have to endure such an attack. I pray for the victims and their families and hope our great country can work diligently towards keeping our people safe and eliminate these kinds of attacks in the future.”

Mens Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill Nike Aqua Game Jersey

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to be walking just fine.

He’s around the team constantly. He’s on the road, even these long sojourns to Los Angeles and London.

It’s almost as if Adam Gase, in the middle of the night, might text Tannehill, as he asked Jay Cutler before this season, something like: “You ready to go?”

It’s easy to wonder what’s going through Tannehill’s mind (he hasn’t spoken with the media since completely tearing his ACL in a Dolphins practice, exactly two months ago).

He keeps a positive spirit. He tries to cheap jerseys China encourage teammates. He points out what he’s seeing during games.

Here’s what he should be thinking:

How ya miss me now?!?!

Damn right, the Dolphins miss Tannehill, the 12th-rated passer in the NFL in 2016.

This is a mess! A disaster!

It’s garbage, as Gase put it.

It’s chaos, as Cutler put it.

This is not what Tannehill and Gase’s second season together was supposed to be.

At all.

Here are Miami’s NFL rankings through three games: 32nd in offense, 32nd in yards per play, 30th in rush offense, 28th in pass offense, 32nd in points per game.

The Dolphins are paying Cutler $10 million for this. And so, no, Gase isn’t about to bench Cutler for Matt Moore, who, in all likelyhood, would be performing a bit better than Cutler is at the moment.

And there are reasons for this. As in, Moore played football down the stretch last season (oh, yeah, leading Miami into the playoffs). As in, Moore was actually training as a professional athlete in the spring and in the early part of the summer.

Understandably, Gase wants to take pressure off of Cutler.

The offensive line is struggling!

The receivers aren’t doing everything exactly right!cheap-football-jerseys-for-sale

But there is too much offensive talent for this production. And too much is the same from last season, when Miami won 10 games, steered into the playoffs by the much-maligned (completely unfairly) Tannehill and Moore.

And so what’s different?

Yeah, what’s most different is this: Cutler in; Tannehill out.

And so to those who wondered if Cutler, at 34, in the twilight of a career in which he’s won 69 games and lost 73, would do so well this season he’d force the Dolphins to trade Tannehill?


This should have always been viewed as a one-year stint. A lease of convenience.

It made sense for Gase to reach out to Cutler. It made sense for Cutler to take the money, and with it, one last shot at a chance to redefine his legacy.

Yeah, probably not.

But it made sense. And it also stands to reason that Cutler will improve as some rust fell in the road between South Florida and California and New York and London.

Such a long road, and yet, we’ve only just begun.

And now some wonder if all this proves the Dolphins need to draft a quarterback.

No, no, Dolphins fans should not hope Miami is actually in position to draft a signal-caller from California or Wyoming.

They have a quarterback in Tannehill who is GOOD ENOUGH.

They have a quarterback in Tannehill who is ASCENDING.

They have a quarterback in Tannehill who will turn 30 next summer.

That’s prime. That’s I-have-figured-out-the-NFL territory.

Why can’t Tannehill emerge in the same way Matt Ryan did for the Falcons?

Why can’t Tannehill be the good Alex Smith?

The all-I-do-is-win Alex Smith?

Some folks scoff at the notion that Smith is in some ways like Tannehill.

Supporters of each club scoff at comparisons to the other.

But have you seen the 2017 version of Alex Smith, the quarterback with 8 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and a passer rating of 124.2?

Yes, Smith, who is allegedly too vanilla, leads the NFL in passing.

Why can’t Tannehill do more of what Smith is doing now, supported by Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry (probably), DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills next season?

Cutler certainly isn’t doing it now.

And so even Gase couldn’t help but, in unsolicited fashion, bring up Tannehill both after the shutout loss on Sunday and then again on Monday.

“Everybody wants to point at the quarterback all the time,” Gase said in London.
I heard that last time I got here, and Ryan (Tannehill) is not here to blame this time.”

Damn right.

“I heard when I got here Ryan (Tannehill) couldn’t play,” Gase said. “That was wrong. The evaluation skills that everybody (has) about quarterbacks is really bad. I’m not going to listen to anybody else outside myself.”

Gase is a quarterback whisperer. And he should be trusted with these decisions. And yes, we should all trust Gase more than me or any evaluator who hasn’t played or coached in the NFL.

But to be fair, Cutler is currently 31st in the NFL in passer rating and hasn’t inspired any reason for confidence in the last two weeks.

Cutler is very, very likely to deliver some exciting moments over the course of this season. Cutler can have a flair for the dramatic and has a strong arm and moxie many wish Tannehill would flaunt more often.

But Tannehill was moving in the right direction. This was, in all likelyhood, had he stayed healthy (and that’s another column for another day) going to be a giant leap forward for Tannehill.

Instead, with Cutler, the Dolphins move backwards. Way too much — backwards, backward, backwards.

No, as Gase rightly notes, it’s not all Cutler’s fault.

But it really should make you miss having Tannehill under center.