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Why published new cheap jerseys printed in Chinese?

“NBA has more than 300 million fans in China, which is equivalent to the entire population in the United States, so they have the unlimited market potential.” The above remarks from the NBA Chairman Xiao Hua. That can explain the important reason for NBA introduction of Chinese jerseys. China is the NBA’s largest overseas market, NBA for the development of the Chinese market can not have the slightest care and perfunctory, not only to persevere but also continue Innovation. NBA former chairman Stern, take office in 1984, at the beginning, he launched the globalization strategy. China began to get the attention of the NBA since then. Jordan and his team Bull as a tool for the promotion of the NBA, opened the door to the Chinese market. As Yao Ming to become draft pick in 2002, NBA entered into the explosive growth in China.

However, as Yao Ming injured retired, Yi Jianlian and other Chinese players have also quit the NBA. NBA promotion entered into the bottleneck in China, as Stern successor, Xiao Hua can no longer rigidly adhere to the previous business model, but to have new changes, thus the Chinese cultural elements to become the new NBA business main direction. Chinese New Year and Chinese are the two major elements of Chinese culture. NBA launched the Lunar New Year cheap nba jerseys series activities from 2012, the popular team and all the famous nba stars pay tribute to the Chinese fans. In 2015, NBA Chinese jersey available, become a new bright spot for NBA New Year’s Eve. Chinese fans in the motherland’s most important traditional festivals, see NBA players wearing a NBA Chinese jersey to play the game, will naturally produce a sense of intimacy and identity, publicity to achieve the best results.

NBA for the first time made introduction of wholesale Chinese jerseys, Yao Ming’s old club rocket first attempt, Yao Ming’s feelings may be the NBA most want to see. “I am very happy to see the rocket in this way to pay their respects to my country’s most important traditional festivals,” Yao said, “Mr. Alexander and rocket respect for Chinese culture and customs, regarded the Chinese fans as a part of rocket family; and when the Spring Festival coming, to see rocket players wear the New Year Chinese jerseys, I am very excited. As a result of the implementation of the new broadcast contract, NBA’s annual revenue is expected to exceed $8 billion, according to media reports, NBA current annual income about 200 million US dollars in China. In the NBA high view, the Chinese market spending power, 200 million US dollars is just a start; Chinese market as a huge gold, and the NBA want to benefit from it, they must have sincerity. And Chinese jersey is the market exploration to NBA, professional league business in the business is normal, NBA should make a beautiful profit, so let the league and the fans have double wins.

“The home of the Warriors in the Bay Area, where has a lot of Chinese,” ESPN jersey columnist Paul – Lucas said, “the rocket home is also a large number of Chinese, while the Chinese basketball star Yao Ming played for the rocket, which is why the rockets and Warriors are selected to wear NBA jerseys China. NBA launched Chinese jerseys during the Spring Festival, not only for overseas markets, but also to tap the local Chinese market. When the Spring Festival comes, put on an NBA jersey printed in Chinese, local Chinese can feel the warmth, which is also a kind of NBA marketing, playing warmth. Professional sports alliances income is diversified, including tickets, broadcast and sports equipment, which is the main source of income. NBA ticket revenue is relatively stable, broadcast income will increase year by year due to the implementation of the new contract, and sports equipment is the most potential business areas. Sports equipment includes many items, shoes and jerseys is the most important. In the four major US sports league, NBA equipment sales accounted for 30%, but the main income from basketball shoes, and jersey revenue is not so ideal. The reason is mainly due to the lack of changes in jerseys.

Every year, basketball will launch a new style to stimulate the consumer’s desire to buy, and cheap jerseys in the absence of innovation, the style of long-term the same, so the fans would not bought a new one a long time when they bought a favorite one. That can not be formed the sustained consumption, so NBA had to find another ways to make new tactics in the jerseys. Chinese jersey is a change, if you are rocket fans, and already have a English version rocket jersey, don’t you want to buy a special Chinese style? English converts to Chinese, which seems little change, will be able to bring new consumer desire.