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Just when you thought Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison had the best Halloween costumes in the NBA this year thanks to their wonderful parody of Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle from White Men Can’t Jump, here comes Stephen Curry rolling into Oracle Arena as “Billy The Puppet” from the Saw franchise. The NBA can’t get enough of Halloween, and we’re all better off for it.

It’s been a wonderful week in the NBA for Halloween fun, if that’s your jam. Let’s not forget that Carmelo Anthony was The Night King from Game of Thrones earlier this month or Ricky Rubio’s fantastic Luigi costume from Saturday night. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins did things a little differently with their haunted house tour, and that was all kinds of fun.
What Curry did on Sunday before the Warriors’ game against the Pistons, though, is truly special. In full Billy The Puppet getup, complete with his iconic red tricycle, Curry rolled into Oracle Arena like it was no big deal.

Special shoutout to whoever was with Curry and had the Jigsaw music going in the background. This would have looked incredibly out of place without it. For those unfamiliar with what Curry is doing here, you can find a clip from the original Saw below. It’s a bit unsettling. You’ve been warned.

Basketball wasn’t the only game on Stephen Curry’s mind Sunday afternoon.

The Warriors star arrived at Oracle Arena on Sunday in full “Saw” regalia, dressing as Billy the Puppet from the popular horror film series. Curry rode the character’s signature red tricycle through the parking lot, as someone helpfully played the “Saw” theme song in the background.

The official Warriors account posted video of Curry rolling right through security, metal detector blaring, and meeting up with a laughing Draymond Green at the door.

“You’ve got too much time on your hands,” an amused Green said to Curry as he held the door open.

While it wasn’t technically Oct. 31 yet, Sunday’s game against the Pistons served as the Warriors’ last home game ahead of Halloween. The team will play the Clippers in Los Angeles on Monday.